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From Matthew Runo <>
Subject Re: Zappos's new Solr Site
Date Fri, 02 May 2008 17:16:49 GMT
We have a dedicated server set up as the "master", with it's own local  
index. We have an NFS mount (read-only) on each of the other machines  
which the master copies it's index to every 20 minutes. We run a  
commit on each "slave" then to force them to open new readers. So far,  
it's worked fine. I would suggest having the reading and writing done  
to different indexes though, it makes it easier when you can have a  
read-only NFS mounted index (no chance of another server updating it  
at all).


Matthew Runo
Software Developer

On May 2, 2008, at 6:41 AM, Alok Dhir wrote:
> Hey Matt - congratulations on your new site -- it looks great.
> I'm curious, after a few weeks of having run this way, what your  
> findings are regarding running the shared index on NFS.  Any  
> problems as of yet?
> I assume you're indexing from one machine and calling 'commit' on  
> the others on some schedule to get them to 'see' changes.
> How is that working out for you?
> ---
> Alok K. Dhir
> Symplicity Corporation
> 1 703 351 0200 x 8080
> On Apr 11, 2008, at 1:35 PM, Matthew Runo wrote:
>> Hello folks!
>> First, the link: (it's a very early open  
>> beta... we're just very proud of everyone's work and wanted to  
>> share it with you all)
>> We've been working on a new site here at Zappos for about the last  
>> 7 months, with planning going back almost two years. We looked at  
>> Endeca, we looked at Fast, we looked at sooooo many commercial  
>> search engine technologies in that time that I can't even remember  
>> them all. We ended up choosing Solr, and not just because it's  
>> free. Solr has a truly wonderful group of users here who respond to  
>> support questions far faster than most paid support contracts. I've  
>> never had a question that I couldn't get answered on this list, no  
>> matter how stupid it's been (sorry Hoss!) =p
>> Zappos has a long history of using open source technologies to  
>> drive their business, and have used Apache 1.3 + Perl 5 for the  
>> past 8 years. Our new site is written in Java, and is really built  
>> around our Solr index. Solr powers all the navigation and facets,  
>> as well as the brand list and brand pages. One of the issues with  
>> our old site was how database heavy it was, with some pages  
>> generating 100s of queries. Zeta is much better in this regard, and  
>> we really think Solr is going to serve us very well.
>> Here's some stats on our Solr index...  158,821 documents in about  
>> 2 gigs of disk space, running in Tomcat 6 with 10 gigs of ram set  
>> aside. We have 5 servers clustered together, and each runs an  
>> instance of and a local copy of solr. For now, each  
>> of these servers reads from a single Solr index stored on NFS -  
>> we'll see how this works out, and are prepared to store a local  
>> copy of the index on each server.
>> Thanks, and we'd love any feedback on the new site (keep in mind,  
>> some parts of it aren't quite done).
>> Matthew Runo
>> Software Developer
>> 702.943.7833

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