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From Tim Mahy <>
Subject RE: Delete's increase while adding new documents
Date Tue, 06 May 2008 11:56:48 GMT
Hi all,

it seems that we get errors during the auto-commit : /opt/solr/upload/nl/archive/data/index/_4x.fnm (No such file
or directory)
        at Method)

the _4x.fnm file is not on the file system. When we switch from autocommit to manual commits
throughout xml messages we get the same kind of errors.
Any idea what could be wrong in our configuration to cause these exceptions ?

Van: Tim Mahy []
Verzonden: maandag 28 april 2008 12:11
Onderwerp: RE: Delete's increase while adding new documents

Hi all,

thank you for your reply. The id's that we send are unique, so we still have no clue what
is happening :)


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Van: Mike Klaas []
Verzonden: za 26-4-2008 1:52
Onderwerp: Re: Delete's increase while adding new documents

On 25-Apr-08, at 4:27 AM, Tim Mahy wrote:
> Hi all,
> we send xml add document messages to Solr and we notice something
> very strange.
> We autocommit at 100000 documents, starting from a total clean index
> (removed the data folder), when we start uploading we notice that
> the docsPending is going up but also that the deletesPending is
> going up very fast. After reaching the first 100000 we queried to
> solr to return everything and the total results count was not 100000
> but somewhere around 77000 which is exactly 100000 - docsDeleted
> from the stats page.
> We used that Solr instance before, so my question is : is it
> possible that Solr remembers the unique identities somewhere else as
> in the data folder ? Btw we stopped Solr, removed the data folder
> and restarted Solr and than this behavior began...

Are you sure that all the documents you added were unique?

(btw, deletePending doesn't necessarily mean that an old version of
the doc was in the index, I think).


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