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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Bizarre DisMax behavior: "q" parameter not working but "q.alt" is, and multi-valued fields not matching at all
Date Fri, 02 May 2008 01:01:32 GMT

: I would:
: - enter the problematic query on the Solr Admin Analysis page and make sure all is sane
: - use &debugQuery=true and see how your query is rewritten

Also look at the explanation output -- even if no docs are being returned 
you can use explainOther to see *why* something isn't matching.

: > c. http://test02:8080/sfx/genre?fl=score&q=Featured%20Titles
: > No results. "Featured Titles" appears only in the multi-valued "cat"
: > field.  

my hunch -- i think you said that your fields use the "string" field type, 
but since whitespace is "special" to the query parser it's going to treat 
"Featured" and "Titles" as seperate words (which won't match an indexed 
value of "Featured Titles"

If you know all the fields in your qf are "strings" you can just always 
quote your q param:  q="Featured%20Titles"


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