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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: First version of solr javascript client to review
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2008 01:29:41 GMT

Nice start!

One comment....

In test.html:
   new $sj.solrjs.Manager({solrUrl:"http://localhost:8983/solr/ 

   It would be better to omit the "/select" from the base URL.   
Consider Solr rooted at a particular URL without the request handler  
mapping attached to it, and allow the "/select" or "qt=whatever" to be  
added at a different stage.  This way SolrJS can attach to any number  
of request handlers depending on context.

Ryan commented on using something besides JavaScript to generate HTML  
pieces.  One alternative that I propose is to use a  
VelocityResponseWriter (see SOLR-620 for a first draft) to generate  
the HTML framework which SolrJS can then deal with.  I'm personally  
fonder of the bulk of HTML generated server-side, even snippets that  
are AJAXed in, leaving SolrJS to mainly deal with widgets and getting  
JSON data to them when HTML generation doesn't make sense.  SOLR-620  
is still raw, and needs some work to make it really easy to leverage,  
but I wanted to toss it out there for folks to improve upon as needed.

Also, consider wiring in a SIMILE Timeline (or perhaps even SIMILE  
Exhibit) widget - it'd make for a snazzy example :)  Of course, Google  
Maps would make a great example as well.


On Jul 1, 2008, at 4:00 AM, Matthias Epheser wrote:

> Hi community,
> as described here

>  I started to work on a javascript widget library for solr.
> I've now finished the basic framework work:
> - creating a jquery environment
> - creating helpers for jquery inheritance
> - testing the json communication between client and solr
> - creating a base class "AbstractWidget"
> After that, I implemented a SimpleFacet widget and 2 ResultViews to  
> show how these things will work in the new jquery environment.
> A new wiki page documents this progress:
> Check out the trunk at:
> Feedback about the implementation, the quality of code  
> (documentation, integration into html, customizing the widgets) as  
> well as ideas for future widgets etc. is very welcome.
> regards
> matthias

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