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From Matthew Runo <>
Subject Re: Solr Slaves Sync
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2008 17:53:07 GMT
As far as I can tell, there is no need to remove a slave from a pool  
while performing the sync. It's all done in the background and doesn't  
change anything till the final <commit/> is ran to open a new searcher.

Thanks for your time!

Matthew Runo
Software Engineer, - 702-943-7833

On Sep 4, 2008, at 10:46 AM, OLX - Pablo Garrido wrote:

> Hello
> 	We have a 3 Solr Servers replication schema, one Master and 2 Slaves,
> commits are done every 5 minutes on the Master and an optimize is done
> once a day during midnight, snapshots are copied via rsync to Slaves  
> are
> done every 10 minutes, we are facing serious problems when doing the
> sync after the optimize and keeping Slaves serving queries as usual,
> active connections to Slaves increase highly during Optimize Snapshot
> sync, is there any way we can tune this process ? we try this  
> process :
> 	1. stopping Sync process on one Slave
> 	2. taking the other one out of the LB pool
> 	3. do the sync on this offline Slave
> 	4. after sync is over add back to LB Pool synced Slave
> 	5. take other Slave out from LB Pool
> 	6. start sync process on the offline Slave
> 	8 add back synced Slave to LB Pool
> following these steps we sometimes face high active connections when
> moving Slaves back to LB Pool. Has anybody faced this situation in
> production envs ? Thanks
> 	Pablo

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