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From Aleksandar Bradic <>
Subject handling multiple multiple resources with single requestHandler
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2008 00:39:05 GMT

Any ideas on how could we register single request handler for handling  
multiple (wildcarded) contexts/resource uri's ?

(something like) :

<requestHandler name="/app/*" class="solr.StandardRequestHandler" >
<requestHandler name="/app/*/query" class="solr.StandardRequestHandler">

Current logic in SolrDispatchFilter / RequestHandlers registers a  
single (context <-> handler) mapping and obviously doesn't allow  

However, such feature could be quite useful in situations where we  
have single app/handler handling multiple contexts
(if there are few - the ugly way would be to just register multiple  
entries pointing to the single handler , but in some situations - like  
when having a numeric mid-argument , (example : "/app/3/query") - it's  
even impossible to do it)

The only way I can do it right now is by modifying SolrDispatchFilter,  
and manually adding request context trimming there (reducing the  
requested context to "/app/"), and registering handler for that  
context (which would later resolve other parts of it) -> but if there  
is another way to do this -  without changing the code, I would be  
more than happy to learn about it :)

(actually there is a pathPrefix property, used in that part of the  
code - but it does the complete opposite of what is needed in this  
case :( )



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