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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Faceting MoreLikeThisComponent results
Date Sun, 07 Sep 2008 01:08:47 GMT

: When using the MoreLikeThisHandler with facets turned on, the facets show
: counts of things that are more like my original document. When I use the
: MoreLikeThisComponent, the facets show counts of things that match my
: original document (I'm querying by document ID), so there is only one
: How can I facet the results of the MoreLikeThisComponent?

I don't think you can at this point.  The good news is MoreLikeThisHandler 
isn't getting removed anytime soon.

What we need to do is provide more options on the componets to dictate 
their behavior when deciding what to process and how to return it ... your 
example could be solved be either adding an option to MLTComponent telling 
it to overwrite hte main result set; or by adding an option to 
FacetComponent specifying the name of a DocSet in the response to use in 
it's intersections.

I think it would be good to do both.

(HighlightComponent should probably also have an option just like the one 
i discribed for FacetComponent)

Would you mind filing a feature request?


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