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From Michael Lackhoff <>
Subject Re: date range query performance
Date Sat, 01 Nov 2008 05:07:24 GMT
On 31.10.2008 19:16 Chris Hostetter wrote:

> forteh record, you don't need to index as a "StrField" to get this 
> benefit, you can still index using DateField you just need to round your 
> dates to some less graunlar level .. if you always want to round down, you 
> don't even need to do the rounding yourself, just add "/SECOND" 
> or "/MINUTE" or "/HOUR" to each of your dates before sending them to solr.  
> (SOLR-741 proposes adding a config option to DateField to let this be done 
> server side)

Is this also possible for the timestamp that is automatically added to
all new/updated docs? I would like to be able to search (quickly) for
everything that was added within the last week or month or whatever. And
because I update the index only once a day a granuality of /DAY (if that
exists) would be fine.

- Michael

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