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From "Noble Paul നോബിള്‍ नोब्ळ्" <>
Subject Re: DataImportHandler: Deleteing from index and db; lastIndexed id feature
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 11:21:34 GMT
On Tue, Dec 2, 2008 at 3:01 PM, Marc Sturlese <> wrote:
> Hey there,
> I have my dataimporthanlder almost completely configured. I am missing three
> goals. I don't think I can reach them just via xml conf or transformer and
> sqlEntitProcessor plugin. But need to be sure of that.
> If there's no other way I will hack some solr source classes, would like to
> know the best way to do that. Once I have it solved, I can upload or post
> the source in the forum in case someone think it can be helpful.
> 1.- Every time I execute dataimporthandler (to index data from a db), at the
> start time or end time I need to delete some expired documents. I have to
> delete them from the database and from the index. I know wich documents must
> be deleted because of a field in the db that says it. Would not like to
> delete first all from DB or first all from index but one from index and one
> from doc every time.

You can override the init() destroy() of the SqlEntityProcessor and
use it as the processor for the root entity. At this point you can run
the necessary db queries and solr delete queries . look at
Context#getSolrCore() and Context#getdataSource(String)

> The "delete mark" is setted as an update in the db row so I think I could
> use deltaImport. Don't know If deletedPkQuery is the way to do that. Can not
> find so much information about how to make it work. As deltaQuery modifies
> docs (delete old and insert new) I supose it must be a easy way to do this
> just doing the delete and not the new insert.
deletedPkQuery does everything first. it runs the query and uses that
to identify the deleted rows.
> 2.-This is probably my most difficult goal.
> Deltaimport reads a timestamp from the and modify/add
> all documents from db wich were inserted after that date. What I want is to
> be able to save in the field the id of the last idexed doc. So in the next
> time I ejecute the indexer make it start indexing from that last indexed id
> doc.
You can use a Transformer to write something to the DB.
Context#getDataSource(String) for each row

> The point of doing this is that if I do a full import from a db with lots of
> rows the app could encounter a problem in the middle of the execution and
> abort the process. As deltaquey works I would have to restart the execution
> from the begining. Having this new functionality I could optimize the index
> and start from the last indexed doc.
> I think I should begin modifying the and
> Creating functions like getStartTime, persistStartTime... for ID control
> 3.-I commented before about this last point. I want to give boost to doc
> fields at indexing time.
>>>Adding fieldboost is a planned item.
>>>It must work as follows .
>>>Add a special value $fieldBoost.<fieldname> to the row map
>>>And DocBuilder should respect that. You can raise a bug and we can
>>>commit it soon.
> How can I do to rise a bug?!default.jspa
> Thanks in advance
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