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From "Feak, Todd" <>
Subject RE: maxWarmingSearchers
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 21:13:15 GMT
Probably going to need a bit more information.

Such as: 
What version of Solr and a little info on doc count, index size, etc.
How often are you sending updates to your Master? 
How often are you committing? 
What are your QueryCache and FilterCache settings for autowarm?
Do you have queries set up for newSearcher and firstSearcher?

To start looking for your problem, you usually get a pile up of
searchers if you are committing too fast, and/or the warming of new
searchers is taking an extraordinary long time. If is happening in a
repeatable fashion, increasing the number of warming searchers probably
won't fix the issue, just delay it.


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From: dudes dudes [] 
Sent: Monday, December 01, 2008 12:13 PM
Subject: maxWarmingSearchers

Hello all, 

I'm having this issue and I hope I get some help.. :)

This following happens quite often ... even though searching  and
indexing are on a safe side... 

SolrException: HTTP code=503, reason=Error opening new searcher.

limit of maxWarmingSearchers=4, try again later.

I have increased the value of  maxWarmingSearchers to 8 and I still
experience the same problem.... 

This issue is happening to the master solr server ,,,, changing
maxWarmingSearchers  to higher value would help overcoming this issue ?
or I should consider some other points ?

Another question is ? from your experience, do you think such error
introduces server crash ? 

thanks for your time..

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