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From "Burton-West, Tom" <>
Subject Load balancing for distributed Solr
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 21:34:08 GMT
Hello all,

As I understand distributed Solr, a request for a distributed search
goes to a particular Solr instance with a list of arguments specifying
the addresses of the shards to search.  The Solr instance to which the
request is first directed is responsible for distributing the query to
the other shards and pulling together the results.  My questions are:

1 Does it make sense to 
 A.  Always have the same Solr instance responsible for distributing the
query to the other shards
 B.   Rotate which shard does the distributing/result aggregating?  

2. For scenario A, are there different requirements (memory,cpu,
processors etc) for the machine doing the distribution versus the
machines hosting the shards responding to the distributed requests?

3. For scenario B, are people using some kind of load balancing to
distribute which Solr instance acts as the query distributor/response


Tom Burton-West
Information Retrieval Programmer
Digital Library Production Services
University of Michigan


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