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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: How to modify the revelance sorting in solr?
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2009 22:24:09 GMT

: 1 support a query language, "songname + artist " or "artist + album" or "
: artist + album + songname", some guys would like to query like "because of
: you ne-yo". So I need to cut words in the proper way. How to modify the way
: of cutting words in solr ( recognize the song name or album or artist)

take a look at the dismax queryparser ... it will let you search for all 
of the words across various fields, and will let you specify in your 
configs how "significant" various fields should be in the score 

as for spefici recognition of song name or album or artist -- that's a 
slightly harder problem.  if you can describe in words how you think a 
parser should go about figuring out which part of the query string 
corrisponds to which field, then you can express it in code as well, but 
there's no magic in any of hte existing solr query parsers to figure it 

: stop words and cut words into "because", "you", then the results like
: "because I love you" , "because you loved me" are in the front. Another bad

stop words are a function of your analyzer -- customizer the analyzer you 
use in your field type and you can prevent this from happening


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