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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: ERROR trying to just commit via /update
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2009 22:36:11 GMT

: I am trying to do just a commit via  url:
: http://localhost:8084/nightly_web/es_jobs_core/update
: I have tryeid also:
: http://localhost:8084/nightly_web/es_jobs_core/update?commit=true
: And I am getting this error:
: 2009-01-20 11:27:50,424 [http-8084-Processor25] ERROR
: org.apache.solr.core.SolrCore - org.apache.solr.common.SolrException:
: missing content stream

: It looks like Solr is asking me a file with info to update (it does the
: commit after that). I just need to do a commit. The problem has appered
: because I am using the scripts of Solr Collection Distribution and when I
: try to do a snapinstaller it calls to commit script... and commit script
: tries to do what I writed above.
: Am I missing something or iis there something wrong in there...?

the first URL you mentioned should in fact cause an exception like the one 
you mentioned -- but even though that's the URL the commit scrip hits with 
curl, you shouldn't see that exception from the commit script -- because 
the commit scrip does do an HTTP post with a "document" containing 

rs=`curl ${curl_url} -s -H 'Content-type:text/xml; charset=utf-8' -d "<commit/>"` i'm not sure how/why you would get that error from teh commit 

the second url you mentioned should work without an exception, evenif 
you hit it using an http GET (i've confirmed this against hte trunk, i'm 
not 100% certain that it worked that was in 1.3) ... so i'm not sure what 
exactly might be going on for you at the moment.


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