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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: facet dates and distributed search
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2009 23:31:21 GMT

: Hey there, I would like to understand why distributed search doesn't suport
: facet dates. As I understand it would have problems because if the time of
: the servers is not syncronized, the results would not be exact but... In
: case I wouldn't mind if results are completley exacts... would be possible
: to use facet dates on distributd search?

other then the clock sync issues you mentioned, i can't think of any rason 
why it wouldnt' work -- that's typically not going to be a problem in the 
common case, because people usually specify a start/end that are rounded 
anyway so even with a few secondsclock drift the rounded values will 
probably be fine.

in general it should be safe to just mergethe NamedLists, suming the 
values of any keys present in multiple lists

: In case I am completely wrong with this explanation... can someone explain
: me the reason why it's not suported? If I understand it maybe I could try to
: do a path ...

i suspect the reason it doesn't work is because no one's gotten arround to 
it.  if you'd like to work on it take a lookat the FacetComponent. on a 
single instance request the process method delegates to the SimpleFacets 
object to do all the work (inlcudingthe date faceting) but on a 
distributed request thedistributedProcess method deals with merging all of 
the data from teh various shards ... how you go about getting the date 
faceting counts from the responses from all the other shards is soemthing 
you'd have to ask the folks who worked on distributed searching ... it's 
still magic to me.


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