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From rswart <>
Subject Re: Is it possible to apply index-time synonyms just for a section of the index
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2009 20:39:58 GMT

What is stopping you from defining different field types for faqs and
attorneys? One with index time synomyms and one without.

anuvenk wrote:
> I've posted a few questions on synonyms before and finally understood how
> it worked and settled with index-time synonyms. Seems to work much better
> than query time synonyms. But now @ my work, they have a special request.
> They want certain synonyms to be applied only to certain sections of the
> index.
> For example, we have legal faqs, forms etc and we have attorneys in our
> index.
> The following synonyms for example,
> california,san diego
> florida,miami
> So for a search 'real estate san diego', it makes sense to return all
> faqs, forms for 'california' in the index but doesn't make sense to return
> a real estate attorney elsewhere in california (like burbank) besides just
> restricting to san diego attorneys.
> To be more clear I want to be able to return all california faqs & forms
> for 'real estate san diego' but not all california attorneys for the same.
> That means, i should index the faqs, forms with the state => city mappings
> as above but not for attorneys.
> Well I could index all other resources like faqs, forms first with these
> synonyms, then remove them and index attorneys. But that wouldn't work
> well in my case because we have a scheduler set up that runs every night
> to index any new resources from our database.
> Can someone suggest a good solution for this?

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