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From Michael Ludwig <>
Subject Re: fq vs. q
Date Mon, 15 Jun 2009 12:50:14 GMT
Fergus McMenemie schrieb:

>     The article could explain the difference between fq= and
>     facet.query= and when you should use one in preference to
>     the other.

My understanding is that while these query modifiers rely on the
same implementation (cached filters) to boost performance, they
simply and obviously differ in that "fq" limits the result set to
your filter criterion whereas "facet.query" does not restrict the
result but instead enhances it with statistical information gained
from applying set intersection of result and facet query filters.

It looks like "facet.query" is just a more flexible means of
defining a filter than possible using a mere "facet.field".

Would that be approximately correct?

A question of mine:

It appears to me that each "facet.query" invariably leads to one
boolean filter, so if you wanted to do range faceting for a given
field and obtain, say, results reduced from their actual continuum
of values to three ranges {A,B,C}, you'd have to define three
"facet.query" parameters accordingly. A mere "facet.field", on the
other hand, creates as many filters as there are unique values in
the field. Is that correct?

Michael Ludwig

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