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From Michael Ludwig <>
Subject Re: Few Queries regarding indexes in Solr
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2009 12:36:25 GMT
Rakhi Khatwani schrieb:

> 1. Is it possible to query from another index folder (say
> index1) in solr?

I think you're looking for the multi-core feature.

> 2. Is it possible to query 2 indexes(folders index1 and index2)
> stored in the same machine using the same port on a single solr
> instance?

Sounds like multi-core.

> 3. consider a case: i have indexes in 2 shards, and i merge the
> indexes (present in 2 shards) onto the 3rd shard now i add more
> documents into shard1 and delete some documents from shard 2 and
> update the indexes. is it possible to send the differences only
> into shard 3 and then merge it at shard 3?

My (very limited) understanding of shards is that you repartition
your documents among shards and send each document to only one
shard. (Not sure this is correct.)

Michael Ludwig

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