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From "Fuad Efendi" <>
Subject RE: Updating a solr record
Date Thu, 27 Aug 2009 20:53:03 GMT
I haven't read all messages in this thread yet, but I probably have an
answer to some questions...

1. You want to change schema.xml and to reindex, but you don't have access
to source documents (stored somewhere on Internet). But you probably use
stored="true" in your schema. Then, use SOLR as your storage device, use
id:[* TO *] to retrieve documents from SOLR and reindex it in another SOLR

2. If you don't use stored="true" you can still get access to term vectors,
which you can probably reuse to create fake field with same term vector in
an updated document... just an idea, may be I am wrong...

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From: Paul Rosen [] 
Sent: August-27-09 1:22 PM
Subject: Updating a solr record

I realize there is no way to update particular fields in a solr record. 
I know the recommendation is to delete the record from the index and 
re-add it, but in my case, it is difficult to completely reindex, so 
that creates problems with my work flow.

That is, the info that I use to create a solr doc comes from two places: 
a local file that contains most of the info, and a URL in that file that 
points to a web page that contains the rest of the info.

To completely reindex, we have to hit every website again, which is 
problematic for a number of reasons. (Plus, those websites don't change 
much, so it is just wasted effort.) (Once in a while we do reindex, and 
it is a huge production to do so.)

But that means that if I want to make a small change to either 
schema.xml or the local files that I'm indexing, I can't. I can't even 
fix minor bugs until our yearly reindexing.

So, the question is:

Is there any way to get the info that is already in the solr index for a 
document, so that I can use that as a starting place? I would just tweak 
that record and add it again.


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