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From darniz <>
Subject Common Solr Question
Date Thu, 20 Aug 2009 19:15:51 GMT

i have some basic yet important question about solr and that too with
I want to be crystal clear about it.
Please answer the following questions.

Question 1
1) "Incoming queries are processed by the appropriate SolrRequestHandler.
For the purposes of this discussion, you will use the
So i assume all request which we make like 
--For select

the question is where is it defined in solrconfig.xml. if i have to change
the default size for my result set from 10 to for example say 50 where
should i change it.
i tried to do this
<requestHandler name="standard" class="solr.SearchHandler" default="true">
 <!--  default values for query parameters  --> 
  <lst name="defaults">
  <str name="echoParams">explicit</str> 
  <int name="rows">55</int> 
       <str name="fl">*</str>
       <str name="version">2.1</str>
But did not work.

Question 2
When we issue  an update command something like this

The following request handler will be used which is mentioned in the
solrconfig.xml file
<requestHandler name="/update" class="solr.XmlUpdateRequestHandler"/>
Is this correct.

Question 3
3) To upload CSV data we need to use /update/csv handler.
I would appreciate how to specify this in the url if i have to upload a csv

Question 4
3)If this is the case, every url request is mapped to a request handler.
For load csv file use /update/csv which is implemented by
For analysis file use /analysis which is implement by

For now this is it.
More to follow


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