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Subject Re: Case insensitive search and original string
Date Thu, 27 Aug 2009 20:57:47 GMT

--- On Thu, 8/27/09, Rihaed Tan <> wrote:

> From: Rihaed Tan <>
> Subject: Case insensitive search and original string
> To:
> Date: Thursday, August 27, 2009, 10:10 PM
> Hi,
> Totally a Solr newbie here. The docs and list have been
> helpful but I have a
> question on lowercase / case insensitive search. Do you
> really need to have
> another field (copied or not) to retain the original casing
> of a field?
> So let's say I have a field with a type that is lowercased
> during index and
> query time, where can I pull out the original string
> (non-lowercased) from
> the response? Should copyfield be used?
> Thanks,
> R

Are you asking for displaying purpose? If yes by default Solr gives you original string of
a field in the response. Stemming, lowercasing, etc do not effect this behaviour. You can
allways display original documents to the users.

If you want to capture original words -that matched the query terms- from original documents,
then use highlighting. ( &hl=true&hl.fragsize=0 ) You will find those words between
<em> </em> tags in the response.


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