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From Rahul R <>
Subject JVM Heap utilization & Memory leaks with Solr
Date Tue, 04 Aug 2009 05:09:06 GMT
I am trying to track memory utilization with my Application that uses Solr.
Details of the setup :
 -3rd party Software : Solaris 10, Weblogic 10, jdk_150_14, Solr 1.3.0
- Hardware : 12 CPU, 24 GB RAM

For testing during PSR I am using a smaller subset of the actual data that I
want to work with. Details of this smaller sub-set :
- 5 million records, 4.5 GB index size

Observations during PSR:
A) I have allocated 3.2 GB for the JVM(s) that I used. After all users
logout and doing a force GC, only 60 % of the heap is reclaimed. As part of
the logout process I am invalidating the HttpSession and doing a close() on
CoreContainer. From my application's side, I don't believe I am holding on
to any resource. I wanted to know if there are known issues surrounding
memory leaks with Solr ?
B) To further test this, I tried deploying with shards. 3.2 GB was allocated
to each JVM. All JVMs had 96 % free heap space after start up. I got varying
results with this.
Case 1 : Used 6 weblogic domains. My application was deployed one 1 domain.
I split the 5 million index into 5 parts of 1 million each and used them as
shards. After multiple users used the system and doing a force GC, around 94
- 96 % of heap was reclaimed in all the JVMs.
Case 2: Used 2 weblogic domains. My application was deployed on 1 domain. On
the other, I deployed the entire 5 million part index as one shard. After
multiple users used the system and doing a gorce GC, around 76 % of the heap
was reclaimed in the shard JVM. And 96 % was reclaimed in the JVM where my
application was running. This result further convinces me that my
application can be absolved of holding on to memory resources.

I am not sure how to interpret these results ? For searching, I am using
Without Shards : EmbeddedSolrServer
With Shards :CommonsHttpSolrServer
In terms of Solr objects this is what differs in my code between normal
search and shards search (distributed search)

After looking at Case 1, I thought that the CommonsHttpSolrServer was more
memory efficient but Case 2 proved me wrong. Or could there still be memory
leaks in my application ? Any thoughts, suggestions would be welcome.


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