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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: Implementing customized Scorer with solr API 1.4
Date Thu, 20 Aug 2009 19:14:16 GMT
Jérôme Etévé wrote:
> Hi all,
>  I'm kind of struggling with a customized lucene.Scorer of mine, since
> I use solr 1.4.
>  Here's the problem:
>  I wrote a DocSetQuery which inherit from a lucene.Query. This query
> is a decorator for a lucene.Query that filters out the documents which
> are not in a given set of  predefined documents (a solr.DocSet which I
> call docset ).
> So In my Weight / Scorer, I implemented the method  nextDoc like that:
> public int nextDoc() throws IOException {
> do {
>          if (decoScorer.nextDoc() == NO_MORE_DOCS) {
>               return NO_MORE_DOCS;
>          }
>         // DO THIS UNTIL the doc is in the docset
>  } while (!docset.exists(decoScorer.docID()));
>  return decoScorer.docID();
> }
> The decoScorer here is the decorated scorer.
> My problem here is that in docset, there are 'absolute' documents IDs,
> but now solr uses a number of sub readers each with a kind of offset,
> so decoScorer.docID() gives 'relative' document ID . Because of this,
> I happen to test relative document IDs against a set of absolute
> docIDs.
> So my DocSetQuery does not work anymore. The solution would be I think
> to have a way of getting the offset of the SolrReader being used in
> the context to be able to do docset.exists(decoScorer.docID() +
> offset) .
> But how can I get this offset?
> The scorer is built with a lucene.IndexReader in parameter:
> public Scorer scorer(IndexReader reader) .
> Within solr, this IndexReader happens to be an instance of
> SolrIndexReader so I though maybe I could downcast reader to a
> SolrIndexReader to be able to call the offset related methods on it
> (getBase() etc...).
It may not feel super clean, but it should be fine - Solr always uses a
SolrIndexSearcher which always wraps all of the IndexReaders in
SolrIndexReader. I'm fairly sure anyway ;)

By getting the base of the subreader wihtin the top reader, you can add
it to the doc id to get the top reader doc id.
> I feel quite unconfortable with this solution since my DocSetQuery
> inherits from a lucene thing, so it would be quite odd to downcast
> something to a solr class inside it, plus I didn't really figured out
> how to use those offset related methods.
> Thanks for your help!
> All the best!
> Jerome Eteve.

- Mark

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