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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Lock timed out 2 worker running
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2009 06:00:16 GMT

: > 5) are these errors appearing after Solr crashes and you restart it?
: Yep, I can't find the logs but it's something like can't obtain lock for
: <somefile>.lck Need to delete that fiile in order to start the solr properly

wait ... either you missunderstood my question, or you just explained 
what's happening.

If you are using SimpleFSLock, and solr crashes (OOM, kill -9, yank the 
power cord) then it's possible the lock file will get left arround, in 
which case this is the expected behavior.  there's a config option you 
can set to tell solr that on start up you want it to cleanup any old lock 
files, but if you switch to the "single" lock manager mode your life gets 
a lot easier anyway.

But you never mentioned anything about the server crashing in your 
original message, so i'm wondering if you really ment to answer "yep" when 
i asked "are these errors appearing *after* Solr crashes"


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