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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Adding cores dynamically
Date Tue, 25 Aug 2009 17:44:41 GMT

:   We're doing similar thing with multi-core - when a core reaches
: capacity (in our case 200 million records) we start a new core. We are
: doing this via web service call (Create web service),

this whole thread perplexes me ... while i can understand not wanting to 
let an index grow without bound becuase of hardware limitation, i don't 
understand what value you are gaining by creating a new core on the same 
box -- you're using the same physical resources to search the same number 
of documents, making multiple cores for this actaully seems like it would 
take up *more* resources to search the same amount of content, because the 
individual cores will be isolated and the term dictionaries can't be 
shared (not to mention you have to do a multi-shard query to get results 
from all the cores)

are you doing something special with the old cores vs the new ones? (ie: 
create the new cores on new machines, shutdown cores after a certian 
amount of time has expired, etc...)

: > Hi there,
: >
: > currently we want to add cores dynamically when the active one reaches
: > some capacity,
: > can anyone give me some hints to achieve such this functionality? (Just
: > wondering if you have used shell-scripting or you have code some 100%
: > Java based solution)
: >
: > Thx
: >
: >
: > --
: > Lici
: >


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