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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Putting a something as first query result
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2009 01:07:53 GMT

: I'm a bit new to solr and have the following problem, it's about events and
: venues.
: If a user types a name of a venue, then I'd like to return the exact match
: for the venue first and then the list of events taking place at this venue.
: Currently I have defined a document bound to a database query as source,
: where are field for e.g. event name, venue id, venue name,...
: The thing is I cannot figure out how to realize that at its best. My
: approach of defining two documents in data-config.xml, where one query only
: imports the venues and the other one the full event informations, failed.
: Solr just won't return any results then :(
: I hope anyone can help me.

step #1 ... figure out how you want to return data to users when they 
do a search

step #2 ... figure out what the documents in your index should look like 
in order to achieve step #1

step #3 ... figure out how to use your indexing clinet to generate the 
documents you need for step #2

you've breifly described what you want to see for step#1, and then you've 
made a step#3 comment regarding using the DataImportHandler to have two 
types of documents ... but you haven't really elaborated on your whole 
plan.  if you post some examples of what your data looks like, what your 
configs look like, etc... then you'll probably have better look getting 
helpful responses from people about achieving your goals.


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