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From vivek sar <>
Subject Re: Boosting for most recent documents
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2009 18:46:04 GMT

 Related question to "getting the latest records first". After trying
few suggested ways (function query, index time boosting) of getting
the latest first I settled for simple "sort" parameter,


As per wiki,,

Lucene would cache "4 bytes * the number of documents" plus unique
terms for the sorted field in fieldcache. This is done so subsequent
sort requests can be retrieved from cache. So the memory usage if I
got 1 billion records in one Indexer instance, for ex,

1) 1 billion records
2) sort on time stamp field (rounded to hour) - for 1 year - 8760
unique terms. (negligible)
3) Total memory requirement  for sorting on this single field would be
around  1G * 4 = 4GB

So, if I run only one sort query once in a day there would still be
4GB required at all time. Is there any way to tell Solr/Lucene to
release the memory once the query has been run? Basically I don't want
cache. I've commented out all the cache parameters in the
solrconfig.xml, but I still see the very first time I run the sort
query the memory jumps by 4 G and remains there.

Is there any way so Lucene/Solr doesn't use so much memory for sorting
so my application can scale (sorting memory requirement won't be
function of number of documents)?


On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 3:10 PM, Chris
Hostetter<> wrote:
> :   Does anyone know if Solr supports sorting by internal document ids,
> : i.e, like Sort.INDEXORDER in Lucene? If so, how?
> It does not.  in Solr the decisison to make "score desc" the default
> search ment there is no way to request simple docId ordering.
> : Also, if anyone have any insight on if function query loads up unique
> : terms (like field sorts) in memory or not.
> It uses the exact same FieldCache as sorting.
> -Hoss

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