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From "Lie, Birger" <>
Subject RE: A very complex search problem.
Date Wed, 02 Sep 2009 10:52:02 GMT
I might be unclear in what I mean. 

Usually people have friends in common, so if you 
1) create and store a relationship between user x and y, and give that
an id. 
2) x knows z than there is a probability that y might know z as well. 

If that is the case than add z to the relation and you don't need update

The important thing is to create some sort of relationship concept so
you don't end up with N users and N relations...
In this is the case when you search than you only have 1 And clause
instead of 3.

I think Hadoop running HBase is ideal for this application. Facebook is
using HBase (I think) CouchDB is also excellent...


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From: gwk [] 
Sent: 2. september 2009 12:34
Subject: Re: A very complex search problem.

Hello Rajan,

I might be mistaken, but isn't CouchDB or a similar map/reduce database 
ideal for situations like this?



rajan chandi wrote:
> Hi All,
> We are dealing with a very complex problem of person specific search.
> We're building a social network where people will post stuff and other
> should be able to see the content only from their contacts.
> e.g. There are 10,000 users in the system and there are only 150 users
in my
> network.
> I should be search across only 150 users' content.
> Is there an easy way to approach this problem?
> We've come-up with different approaches:-
>    - Storing the relationship in each document.
>    - A huge ORed query with all the IDs of the people that needs to be
>    searched.
>    - Creating a query and filtering the results based on the list of
>    contacts.
> None of these approach sounds to be plausible.
> We already have gone through recently released book on Solr 1.4
> Search. The book also doesn't seem to have any pointers.
> Any good approach/pointers will help.
> Thanks and regards
> Rajan Chandi

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