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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Clarifications to Synonym Filter Wiki entry? (1 of 2)
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2009 22:28:38 GMT
: I believe the following section is a bit misleading; I'm sure it's correct
: for the case it describes, but there's another case I've tested, which on
: the surface seemed similar, but where the actual results were different and
: in hindsight not really a conflict, just a surprise.

the crux of the issue is that *lines* in the file with only commas (no =>) 
are ambiguious, and only have meaning once the "expand" property is evaluated.  
once that's done then you have a list of *mappings* ... and it's the 
mappings that get merged.

: I tested this by actually looking at the word index with Luke.

FYI: an easy way to test it would probably be the analysis.jsp page

: If you DID want the merged behavior, where D would expand to match all 9
: letters you can either:
: 1: Put the synonym filter in the pipeline twice, along with the remove
: duplicates filter
: OR
: 2: Use the synonym filter at both index and query time

using the filter at query time with expand=true would wreck havoc with 
phrase queries ... your best bet is to be more explicit when expressing 
the mappings in the file.

: And what should be added to the Wiki doc?

Add whatever you think would help ... users discovering behavior for hte 
first time are the best people to write documentation, because the devs 
who know the code really well don't apprecaite what isn't obvious.


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