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From "Fuad Efendi" <>
Subject RE: Solr and Garbage Collection
Date Tue, 06 Oct 2009 19:31:12 GMT
> I read pretty much all posts on this thread (before and after this one).
> like the main suggestion from you and others is to keep max heap size
> as small as possible (as long as you don't see OOM exception). 

I suggested absolute opposite; please note also that "as small as possible"
does not have any meaning in multiuser environment of Tomcat. It depends on
query types (10 documents per request? OR, may be 10000???) AND it depends
on average server loading (one concurrent request? Or, may be 200 threads
trying to deal with 2000 concurrent requests?) AND it depends on whether it
is Master (used for updates - parses tons of docs in a single file???) - and
it depends on unpredictable memory fragmentation - it all depends on use
case too(!!!), additionally to schema / index size.

Please note also, such staff depends on JVM vendor too: what if it
precompiles everything into CPU native code (including memory dealloc after
each call)? Some do!


...but 'core' constantly disagrees with me :)

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