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From Simon Wistow <>
Subject Advantages of different Servlet Containers
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2009 20:11:15 GMT
I know that the Solr FAQ says 

"Users should decide for themselves which Servlet Container they 
consider the easiest/best for their use cases based on their 
needs/experience. For high traffic scenarios, investing time for tuning 
the servlet container can often make a big difference."

but is there anywhere that lists some of the variosu advantages and 
disadvantages of, say, Tomcat over Jetty for someone who isn't current 
with the Java ecosystem?

Also, I'm currently using Jetty but I've had to do a horrific hack to 
make it work under init.d in that I start it up in the background and 
then tail the output waiting for the line that says the SocketConnector 
has been started

   while [ '' = "$(tail -1 $LOG | grep 'Started SocketConnector')"  ] ; 
       sleep 1

There's *got* to be a better way of doing this, right? 



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