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From Julian Davchev <>
Subject yellow pages navigation kind menu. howto take every 100th row from resultset
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2009 11:35:08 GMT

Long story short:   how can I take every 100th row from solr resultset.
What would syntax for this be.

Long story:

Currently I have lots of say documents(articles) indexed. They all have
field title with corresponding value.


How do I build menu   so I can search of those?
I cannot just hardcode      A    B    C  D        meaning all starting
with A all starting with B etc...cause there are unicode characters
and english alphabet will just not cut it...

So my idea is to make ranges like

[atitle - mtitle]        [mtitle - ltitle]     ...etc etc   (based on
actual title names I got)

Questions is how do I figure out what those  atitle-mtitle is (like get
from solr query every 100th record)
Two solutions I found:
1. get all stuff and do it server side (huge load as it's thousands
record we talk about)
2. use solr sort and &start and make N calls until   resulted rows <
100.    But this will mean quite a load as well as there lots of records.

Any pointers?

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