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From Paul Rosen <>
Subject Merging multicore indexes
Date Sun, 04 Oct 2009 14:35:40 GMT

I've been trying to experiment with merging, but have been running into 
some problems.

First, I'm using ruby and the solr-ruby-0.0.7 gem. It looks like there 
is no support in that gem for merging. Have I overlooked something?

Second, I was attempting to just follow the instructions in so I could see merging 
work. I just tried putting the sample url in the address bar of my 
browser, but it just sent me to the admin page. (It does the same thing 
as if I had left off all the parameters.) Here is the URL I constructed:


Why didn't that work? Do I have to POST that instead of using GET?

Alternately, is there a way to specify merging from the admin interface?

Third, I've googled for info about merging and not come up with any 
solutions, but I did see a possible concern:

Is it true that after merging, that your index can have duplicate 
documents? If so, then I need to create a step after merging for 
deleting the old copy of everything I merged.

Given all the above, I'm wondering if it would make more sense to just 
retrieve each document from the old index and add it to the new index 
and forget about merging. I know that would be a slow process, but I'm 
not sure how much slower that would be than doing the merge (how long 
does that take?), then going through the entire index and eliminating 

Anyway, any advice would be appreciated,

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