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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: How to start using Solr
Date Sun, 04 Oct 2009 15:24:41 GMT
Khooroos wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to Solr and have been reading online about it to get started for the
> past few days.
> Here are a few questions that I need help getting answer to:
> 1) Is my understanding of how Solr works correct:
> - From what I gather so far, I need to run the start.jar (which runs the
> server) as a daemon on my server or dev machine and post, and get XML data
> from it. (i.e treat it as a service provider).
Thats the standard way. There is also an embedded mode that you can use
to run Solr in your application, but
the separate "service" model is likely the way to go.
> 2) If I develop an application using a frame work (whether it be PHP,
> Grails, Rails, .NET), I still need to deploy two things to production: (i)
> the app code, and (ii) the Solr server instance.  Am I correct about this?
See previous comment. Basically, yes.
> 3) Based on (2) above, it means that for hosting options I would either need
> a dedicated server or a virtual hosting that enables me not only run a web
> app in their hosted Apache, IIS, or Tomcat, but also run the
> startup.jar/post.jar Solr server as a daemon. If this is correct, then can
> someone point me to some hosting companies that do offer such level of
> services?
Not necessarily. startup.jar just starts the included Jetty servlet
container, which contains the Solr war. You just need a provider that
will let you use the war file. And post.jar is just some simple code to
help you post XML to Solr - you could do that from a local machine at
your house. And their are plenty of ways to post documents to servers
without post.jar. Its just an example piece to get you going. You can
also load data locally on the Solr Server without posting if your server
environment allows you such access to the server (like a virtual server
option would).
> Thanks in advance,
> any help is indeed appreciated,

- Mark

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