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From didier deshommes <>
Subject indexing frequently-changing fields
Date Thu, 08 Oct 2009 20:59:24 GMT
I am using Solr to index data in a SQL database.  Most of the data
doesn't change after initial commit, except for a single boolean field
that indicates whether an item is flagged as 'needing attention'.  So
I have a need_attention field in the database that I update whenever a
user marks an item as needing attention in my UI.  The problem I have
is that I want to offer the ability to include need_attention in my
user's queries, but do not want to incur the expense of having to
reindex whenever this flag changes on an individual document.

I have thought about different solutions to this problem, including
using multi-core and having a smaller core for recently-marked items
that I am willing to do 'near-real-time' commits on.  Are there are
any common solutions to this problem, which I have to imagine is
common in this community?

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