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From "Charlie Jackson" <>
Subject RE: Sorting/paging problem
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 14:58:27 GMT
Oops, the missing trailing Z was probably just a cut and paste error.

It might be tough to come up with a case that can reproduce it -- it's a
sticky issue. I'll post it if I can, though. 

-----Original Message-----
From: Chris Hostetter [] 
Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 6:08 PM
Subject: Re: Sorting/paging problem

: <doc><date name="indexed_date">2009-09-23T19:25:03.400Z</date></doc>
: <doc><date name="indexed_date">2009-09-23T19:25:19.951</date></doc>
: <doc><date name="indexed_date">2009-09-23T20:10:07.919Z</date></doc>

is that a cut/paste error, or did you really get a date back from Solr 
w/o the trailing "Z" ?!?!?!


: So, not only is the date sorting wrong, but the exact same document
: shows up on the next page, also still out of date order. I've seen the
: same document show up in 4-5 pages in some cases. It's always the last
: record on the page, too. If I change the page size, the problem seems

that is really freaking weird.  can you reproduce this in a simple 
example?  maybe an index that's small enough (and doesn't contain 
confidential information) that you could zip up and post online?


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