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From "Adamsky, Robert" <>
Subject RE: MLT cross core
Date Wed, 28 Oct 2009 12:07:44 GMT

> Have two cores with some common fields in their schemas.  I want to perform
> a MLT query on one core and get results from the other schema. Both cores
> have same type of id.
>Having the same "type of id" in two different cores is of no good for a MLT
>handler (which in-fact operates on one core)

Right; the cores share the same data type and name for their ID.
Was hoping that would allow me to do the same thing I am doing for
cross core queries on common schema fields - I can query one core and
get aggregate results from both based on common fields.

> How is it suggested to perform a MLT query cross core / schema?  Currently,
> I only see getting the result from one core and performing a query with the
> common fields in the second core and treating those results as MLT results.
>It depends on your requirement. If it is about simply aggregating the
>results, then you can run MLT handler for both the cores independently and
>merge the response thereafter based on your understanding of the underlying
>data in the responses.

Am trying to do the following given:

- Two cores with common named and typed IDs (no dupes between them)
- Some number of common fields for other data like title and body.

Make a MLT query to core A (or event core B) passing in ID of core A and getting
MLT results that have data from core B only.

My thought now is I cannot use MLT and instead must do a query to B using
the fields from core A ID as query params.

Is there big difference in what will be returned as results using query instead
of MLT?

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