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From "Glock, Thomas" <>
Subject RE: Solr under tomcat - UTF-8 issue
Date Mon, 26 Oct 2009 13:38:15 GMT
As it turns out I'm back to GET myself.  

I just noticed that tomcat as well, although ultimately plan to run
under weblogic (not sure what the length on that url is and/or if there
are limits on the flex client doing the GET)

Reading the book (page 108) I noticed that my querys need to have more
fq=field:value params.

Earlier I had incorrectly defined a single fq param with a bunch of
criteria such as fq=field_1:value AND field_2:value_2 AND (role:r1 or
role:r2 or role:r3 or role:r3)

Apparently the boolean role clause can be speficied as:

  fq=role:(r1 || r2 || r3 || r4) 

as opposed to: 

  ... AND (role:r1 or role:r2 or role:r3 or role:r3) 

That syntax shortens queries too.  Note I havent' tested yet against a
smaller set of docs to be sure the new query syntax works...

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From: markwaddle [] 
Sent: Monday, October 26, 2009 2:12 AM
Subject: RE: Solr under tomcat - UTF-8 issue

I was originally using POST for the same reason, however I discovered
that Tomcat could easily be configured to accept any length URI. All it
requires is specifying the maxHttpHeaderSize attribute in your default
Connector in server.xml. I set my value to 1MB, which is certainly
excessive, but it ensures I will never hit the limit. As the other chap
mentioned, I now have the benefits of caching and most importantly,
proper web logs!

I also have a similar situation where I constrain the search results
based on the user's role. I have only two roles to support, so my case
is very simple, but I could imagine having a multivalued "role" field
that you could perform facet queries on.


Glock, Thomas wrote:
> Thanks -
> I agree.  However my application requires results be trimmed to users 
> based on roles.  The roles are repeating values on the documents.  
> Users have many different role combinations as do documents.
> I recognize this is going to hamper caching - but using a GET will 
> tend to limit the size of search phrases when combined with the 
> boolean role clause.  And I am concerned with hitting url limits.
> At any rate I solved it thanks to Yonik's recommendation.  
> My flex client httpservice by default only sets the content-type 
> request header to  "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"  what it needed

> to do for tomcat is set the content-type request header to 
> content-type = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8";
> If you have any suggestions regarding limiting results based on user 
> and document role permutations - I'm all ears.  I've been to the 
> Search Summit in NYC and no vendor could even seem to grasp the
> The problem case statement is this  - I have users globally who need 
> to search for content tailored to them.  Users searching for 'Holiday'

> don't get any value from 10000 documents having the word holiday. What

> they need are documents authored for that population.  The documents 
> have the associated role information as metadata and therefore users 
> will get only the documents they have access to and are relevant to 
> them.  That's the plan anyway!
> By chance I stumbled in Solr a month or so ago and I think its 
> awesome.  I got the book two days ago too - fantastic!
> Thanks again,
> Tom

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