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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: how can I use debugQuery if I have extended QParserPlugin?
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2009 17:30:38 GMT

: My original post (
: ) has the stack trace.  =^D

Actaully, no .. your orriginal post didn't include the stack trace.  it 
looks like you "edited" your post via Nabble after you sent it -- people 
who subscribe to th mailinst list don't see edits in http->mail gateways 
like nabble, if you have more info to add you should just reply to your 
own message.

: I am having trouble reproducing this issue consistently (I sometimes dont
: get the NPE) so will have to track this down a bit more.  Luckily, someone

It would help to know exactly which version of solr you are using, so that 
people can correlate your stack trace line numbers with some source code 
... i suspect that you are using something ~1.3, when writeFieldVal 
constructed a new instance of a Field in order to Externalize it (that 
code is no longer on the trunk, but i see a Field constructor in your 
stack trace).  that exception would orriginate when a Field is constructed 
with a null "value" param, which would happen when writeFieldVal was 
passed a null "val" ... the only way i can see that happening in code 
arround the line numbers you posted is if you are constructing some type 
of query (TermQuery, RangeQUery, etc...) where the Term object contains an 
null value (ie: t.text() returns null) ... which is not a legal query.


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