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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: multi-word synonyms and analysis.jsp vs real field analysis (query, index)
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2009 17:43:20 GMT

: The cause of my problem should be the query parsing, but I don't know,
: if there is any solution for it. I need a possibility that works like
: the analysis/query parsing within /admin/analysis.jsp view.

The behavior you are describing is very well documented on the wiki...

in general, QueryParsers parse input strigs according to their 
parsing rules, then send each component of th input string to the 
analyzer.  this is a fundentmal behavior, w/o it the query parser would 
have no way of knowing when to make a phrase query, or a term query, or 
which field to use.

You may find something like the FieldQParserPlugin helpful as it has *no* 
markup of it's own, it just hands the string off to an analyzer based on 
the specified field ... but it will still generate a phrase query when a 
single piece of input generates multiple tokens with non-zero offsets from 
eachother, which also confuses people sometimes (not sure if that's what 
you'd want)

: >> SynonymFilter will replace the both tokens with "foo_bar". But as I
: >> tried this at "real" query time with the request handler "standard" and

you've used the phrase '"real" query time' (in contrast to analysis.jsp) a 
few times in this thread ... to be clear about something: there is nothing 
different between analysis.jsp and what happens when a query is executed, 
the reason you see different behavior is because you are pasteeing what 
you consider a "query string" into the analysis form, but that's not what 
happens at query time, and it's not what that form expects -- that form is 
designed for users to paste in the strings that the query parser would 
extract from it's query syntax.  it's not suprising that you'll get 
something different then if you just did a straight search on the same 
input, any different then it would be suprising if pasting 
"fieldname:value +otherfield:value" in analysis.jsp didn't produce the 
same tokens as a query for that string.


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