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From Chantal Ackermann <>
Subject Re: TermVectorComponent : Required / Optional Parameters
Date Tue, 03 Nov 2009 15:59:59 GMT
Hi Grant,

I'd be glad to help update the wiki.
But just to make sure I'm understanding correctly:
for TermVectorComponent to work correctly, all these three attributes 
(termVectors, termPositions, termOffsets) must be set to "true"?

No matter how extensive the termVector request will look like?

Because I tried this request also and it doesn't return the termVector 
part, neither:

(I tried removing and adding the last two parameters, as well.)

Is there anything else I have to be aware of? How about

Is there a combination that does not work?

Once I get it to work, I'll update the wiki. But I don't want to publish 
my ignorance. ;-)


Grant Ingersoll schrieb:
> On Nov 3, 2009, at 6:37 AM, Chantal Ackermann wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> Are these attributes required to make TermVectorComponent requests
>> work?
>> termPositions="true" termOffsets="true"
>> I have quite a lot of fields with termVectors="true" (for
>> facetting), but I don't get any results when requesting:
>> .../solr/epg/select?q=*%3A*&version=2.2&start=0&rows=1
>> &indent=on&tv=true&
> Indeed, you must have stored positions and offsets for the TVC to
> return positions and offsets.
>> (I don't have a special RequestHandler configured for it. Using
>> 1.4.0RC)
>> Would it be possible to add the use case "TermVectorComponent" to
>> that Wiki page?
> Yep, please do.  Anyone can edit the wiki, you just need an account.
>> (And also add that info to the TermVectorComponent wiki page.)
>> Thanks!
>> Chantal

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