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From Tomasz Kępski <>
Subject Re: Huge load and long response times during search
Date Mon, 23 Nov 2009 08:53:26 GMT

Otis Gospodnetic pisze:
> Tom,
> It looks like the machine might simply be running too many things. 
 > If the load is around 1 when Solr is not running, and this is a 
dual-core server, it shows its already relatively busy (cca 50% idle).

The server is running the Postgresql and Apache/PHP as well, but without 
solr the server condition is more than good (load usually less than 1, 
sometimes , even dring rush hours we observed 1m load avg 0,68).

It is double dual core so load 1 means 25% am I right (4 cores)?

> Your caches are not small, so I am guessing you either have to have a relatively big
heap, or your heap is not large enough and it's the GC that's causing high CPU load.  

The java starts with Xmx3584m. Should that be fine for such cache 
settings? By the way I'm wondering if we need such caches. I did check 
query frequency for last 10 days (~70000 unique users) and most frequent 
phrase appears ~150 times, and only 11 queries exists more than 100 
times. I did not count if user used the same query but goes to next page.

Is this worthy to keep quite big cache in this cas?

> If you are seeing Solr causing lots of IO, that's a sign the box doesn't have enough
memory for all those servers running comfortably on it.

We do have some free memory to use. Server has 8G RAM and mostly uses up 
to 6G, I haven't seen the swap used yet. I would try to give more RAM 
for java and use smaller cache to see if it would work.


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