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From Tomasz Kępski <>
Subject Re: Huge load and long response times during search
Date Tue, 24 Nov 2009 11:45:05 GMT

> : I'm using SOLR(1.4) to search among about 3,500,000 documents. After the
> : server kernel was updated to 64bit system has started to suffer.
> ...if the *only* thing that was upgraded was switching the kernel from 
> 32bit to 64bit, then perhaps you are getting bit by java now using 64 bit 
> pointers instead of 32 bit pointers, causing a lot more ram to be eaten up 
> by the pointers?
> it's not soemthing i've done a lot of testing on, but i've heared other 
> people claim that it can cause some serious problems if you don't actaully 
> need 64bit pointers for accessing huge heaps.
> ...that said, you should really double check what exactly what changed 
> when your server was upgraded ... perhaps the upgrad inlcuded a new 
> filesystem type, or changes to RAID settings, or even hardware changes ... 
> if your problems started when an upgrade took place, then looking into 
> what exactly changed during hte upgrade should be your furst step.

The kernel was the only thing which was changed. There were no hardware 
update, nobody touch the filesystem as well. So now this is a 32bit 
Debian with 64bit kernel
I have heard from our admins that the previous kernel had a grsec patch 
which regural killed java processes with signal 11.

To find out if the SOLR is a single problem or is the coegzistence of 
other services at one machine we are going to move solr to another one 
(same configuration) which is low used (small php app providing data 
from memcache filled once per hour).


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