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From Tomasz Kępski <>
Subject Re: Boost document base on field length
Date Tue, 24 Nov 2009 14:06:37 GMT

> I think i'm reading he question differently then Grant -- his suggestion 
> applies when you are searching in the description field, and don't want 
> documents with shorter descriptions to score higher when the same terms 
> match the same number of times (the default behavior of lengthNorm)

> my udnerstanding is that you want documents that don't have a description 
> to score lower then documents that do -- and you might be querying against 
> completely differnet fields (description might not even be indexed)
> in that case there is no easy way to to achieve this with just the 
> description field ... the easy thing to do is to index a boolean 
> "has_description" field and then incorporate that into your query (or as 
> the input to a function query)

You get my point Hoss. In my case long description = good value. And 
your intuition is amazing ;-) I do have a field which is not used in 
search at all (image url) but docs with image have for me greater value 
than without it.

I would add two fields then (boolean for photo and int for description 
length) fill them up during indexation and would play with them during 
the search.


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