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From regany <>
Subject Re: I cant get it to work
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2009 10:05:21 GMT

I've only just started with Solr too.

As a newbie, first I'd say forget about trying to "compare" it to your mysql

It's completely different and performs it's own job in it's own way. You
feed a document in, and you store that information in the most efficient
manner you can to perform the search and return the results you want.

So ask, what do I want to search against?


That's what you "feed" into Solr.

Then ask, what information do I want to "return" after a search? This
determines how you "store" the information you've just "fed" into Solr. Say
you want to return:


Then you might accept field1, field2, and field3 and merge them together
into 1 searchable field called "searchtext". This is what users will search
against. Then you'd also have "field2" as another field.

field2 (not indexed, stored)
searchtext (combination of field1,field2,field2 - indexed, not stored)

So then you could search against "searchtext" and return "field2" as the

Hope that provides some explanation (I know it's basic). From my very
limited experience with, Solr is great. My biggest hurdle was getting my
head around the fact that it's NOT a relational database (ie. mysql) but a
separate tool that you configure  in the best way for your "search" and only
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