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From Cory G Watson <>
Subject Re: Sorting Facets by First Occurrence
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2009 01:33:16 GMT

On Nov 30, 2009, at 5:15 PM, Chris Hostetter wrote:
> All of Solr's existing faceting code is based on the DocSet which is an 
> unordered set of all matching documents -- i suspect your existing 
> application only reordered the facets based on their appearance in the 
> first N docs (possibly just the first page, but maybe more) so doing 
> something like that using the DocList would certainly be feasible.  if 
> your number of facet constraints is low enough that they are all returned 
> everytime then doing it in the client is probably the easiest -- but if 
> you have to worry about facet.limit preventing something from being 
> returned that might otherwise bubble to the top of your list when you 
> reorder it then you'll need to customise the FacetComponent.

You are right, I left out a few important bits there.  Tried to be brief and succeeding in
being vague? :)

Effectively I was ordering the facet based on the N documents in the current "page".  My thought
that his was a good feature for a facet now seems incorrect, as my needs are limited to the
current page, not the whole set of results.

I'll probably elect to fetching data from the facets based on the page of documents I'm showing.
 Thanks for the discussion, it helped! :)

Cory G Watson

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