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From "Ian Smith" <>
Subject RE: schema-based Index-time field boosting
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2009 08:37:12 GMT
Aaaaaaaargh!  OK, I would like a document with (eg.) a title containing
a term to score higher than one on (eg.) a summary containing the same
term, all other things being "equal".  You seem to be arguing against
field boosting in general, and I don't understand why!

May as well let this drop since we don't seem to be talking about the
same thing . . . but thanks anyway,

-----Original Message-----
From: Chris Hostetter [] 
Sent: 30 November 2009 23:05
Subject: RE: schema-based Index-time field boosting 

: I am talking about field boosting rather than document boosting, ie. I
: would like some fields (say eg. title) to be "louder" than others,
: across ALL documents.  I believe you are at least partially talking
: about document boosting, which clearly applies on a per-document

index time boosts are all the same -- it doesn't matter if htey are
field boosts or document boosts -- a document boost is just a field
boost for every field in the document.

: If it helps, consider a schema version of the following, from
: org.apache.solr.common.SolrInputDocument:
:   /**
:    * Adds a field with the given name, value and boost.  If a field
: the name already exists, then it is updated to
:    * the new value and boost.
:    *
:    * @param name Name of the field to add
:    * @param value Value of the field
:    * @param boost Boost value for the field
:    */
:   public void addField(String name, Object value, float boost ) 


: Where a constant boost value is applied consistently to a given field.
: That is what I was mistakenly hoping to achieve in the schema.  I
: think it would be a good idea BTW.  Regards,

But now we're right back to what i was trying to explain before: index
time boost values like these are only used as a multiplier in the
fieldNorm.  when included as part of the document data, you can specify
a fieldBoost for fieldX of docA that's greater then the boost for fieldX
of docB and that will make docA score higher then docB when fieldX
contains the same number of matches and is hte same length -- but if you
apply a constant boost of B to fieldX for every doc (which is what a
feature to hardcode boosts in schema.xml might give you) then the net
effect would be zero when scoring docA and docB, because the fieldNorm's
for fieldX in both docs would include the exact same multiplier.


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