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From David Stuart <>
Subject Re: I cant get it to work
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2009 08:28:27 GMT

The answer is "it depends" ;)

If your 10 tables represent an entity e.g a person their address etc  
the one document entity works

But if your 10 tables each represnt a series of entites that you want  
to surface in your search results separately then make a document for  
each (I.e it depends on your data).

What is your use case? Are you wanting a search index that is able to  
search on every field in your 10 tables or just a few?
Think of it this way if you where creating SQL to pull the data out of  
the db using joins etc what fields would you grab, do you get multiple  
rows back because some of you tables have a one to many relationship.  
Once you have formed that query that is your document minus the  
duplicate information caused by the rows



On 15 Dec 2009, at 08:05, Faire Mii <> wrote:

> I just cant get it.
> If i got 10 tables in mysql and they are all related to eachother  
> with foreign keys. Should i have 10 documents in solr?
> or just one document with rows from all tables in it?
> i have tried in vain for 2 days now...plz help
> regards
> fayer

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