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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Retrieving large num of docs
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2009 20:44:53 GMT

: I think I solved the problem of retrieving 300 docs per request for now. The
: problem was that I was storing 2 moderately large multivalued text fields
: though I was not retrieving them during search time.  I reindexed all my
: data without storing these fields. Now the response time (time for Solr to
: return the http response) is very close to the QTime Solr is showing in the


two comments:

1) the example URL from your previous mail...

: > http://localhost:1212/solr/select/?rows=300&q=%28ResumeAllText%3A%28%28%28%22java+j2ee%22+%28java+j2ee%29%29%29%5E4%29%5E1.0%29&start=0&wt=python

...doesn't match your earlier statemnet that you are only returning hte id 
field (there is no "fl" param in that URL) ... are you certain you werent' 
returning those large stored fields in teh response?

2) assuming you were actually using an fl param to limit the fields, make 
sure you have this setting in your solrconfig.xml...


..that should make it pretty fast to return only a few fields of each 
document, even if you do have some jumpto stored fields that aren't being 


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