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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: how to do auto-suggest case-insensitive match and return original case field values
Date Tue, 08 Dec 2009 18:40:45 GMT

: In my web application I want to set up auto-suggest as you type
: functionality which will search case-insensitively yet return the original
: case terms.  It doesn't seem like TermsComponent can do this as it can only
: return the lowercase indexed terms your are searching against, not the
: which provides useful sorting by and returning of term frequency counts in
: your index.  How does one get this same information with regular Solr Query? 
: I set up the following prefix query, searching by the indexed lowercased
: field and returning the other:

The type of approach you are describing (doing a prefix based query for 
autosuggest) probably won't work very well unless your index is 100% 
designed just for the autosuggest ... if it's an index about products, and 
you're just using one of hte fields for autosuggest, you aren't going to 
get good autosuggest results because the same word is going to appear in 
multiple products.  what you need is an index of *words* that you want to 
autosuggest, with fields indicating how important those words are that you 
can use in a function query (this replaces the term freq that 
TermComponent would use)

the fact that your "test" field is multivalued and stores widly different 
things in each doc is an example of what i mean.

Have you considered the possibility of just indexing the lowercase value 
concatenated with the regular case value using a special delimiter, and 
ten returning to your TermComponent based solution?  index "PowerPoint" 
as "powerpoint|PowerPoint" and just split on the "\" character when you 
get hte data back from your prefix based term lookup.


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