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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: UI for solr core admin?
Date Sat, 12 Dec 2009 00:58:03 GMT

: Well sure, Solr is no webapp framework.  But you can do some things with the
: ShowFileRequestHandler, like have static textual content (like CSS and

While i think it's definitely important to have some basic admin 
functionality available in the war, at a certain point we should really 
just focus on making sure there's a good HTTP/XMl/JSON based API for 
everything, and perhaps distribute the Admin console as a seperate webapp 
(or perhaps not even a webapp, maybe just a collection of HTML files that 
use AJAX to do everything)

ShowFileRequestHandler can take you pretty far, but eventually you either 
have to say "put this big hunk of stuff in your solrcofig.xml or it won't 
work" or you have to have the admin tool inspect hte core to get a lot of 
data it needs to build up the admin pages -- so let's just expose all that 
data via XML/JSON and (ie: registry.jsp on steriods) and then any external 
tool (built by us in velocity, built by someone else in ruby, built by 
several differnet people to integrate into several differnet tools) can 
use it to get the metadata it needs to drive tool behavior.

I had some notes along htese lines once, ... ah yes ...

...some of that stuff has already come to pass, and the rest is pretty out 
of date with how we do things now, but the idea of having a clean API to 
discover what handlers a given solr port exposes, and what params that 
instance of those handlers say they accept is still a really good idea.

in the context of this discussion it's a little differnet because we're 
taling specificly about hte CoreAdminHandler -- but hte principle is hte 


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